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Single/multi-key touch chip

2024-02 Semiconductors Texas Instruments
[feb 4 2024] Touching electronic products has become an integral part of modern life. Smart locks, smart phones, tablets and other devices are widely used in single-key and multi-key touch touch chip technology, so that users can achieve various functions through simple touch operation. Single touch touch chip refers to the chip with only one touch area, and the user can complete the corresponding operation b ...
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How does a quartz crystal oscillator produce a clock signal?

2024-02 Passive Components Renesas Electronics America
[feb 4 2024] The principles and applications of quartz crystal oscillators are very broad, and they play a vital role in modern electronic devices. To explain this topic in depth, we can start with the fundamentals of EL5172ISZ-T7 quartz crystal oscillators and then explore how they produce clock signals and the importance of these clock signals in various applications. Basic principles of quartz crystal osci ...
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Analysis of three-in-one domain controller for intelligent driving, cockpit and parking

2024-02 Sensors ON Semiconductor
[feb 3 2024] Intelligent driving, cockpit and parking domain controller is an automotive domain controller that integrates intelligent driving, cockpit control and parking functions. The controller is designed to increase the automation and driving experience of the car, as well as enhance passenger comfort and safety. The intelligent driving part refers to the intelligent driving function of the controller. ...
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Ultrasonic sensors form the principle of ultrasonic waves

2024-02 Sensors Texas Instruments
[feb 3 2024] Ultrasonic sensor is a device that can transmit and receive ultrasonic waves to achieve ranging, detecting object placement and detecting object properties. It mainly measures the distance of the target object by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves. The principle of the generation of ultrasonic waves is based on the piezoelectric effect, that is, the piezoelectric material will deform and ...
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The key technology of silicon carbide power device packaging

2024-02 Power Intel
[feb 2 2024] Silicon carbide (SiC) power devices are becoming a research hotspot in the field of power electronics because of their excellent performance in high temperature, high frequency and high efficiency. In order to give full play to the performance of silicon carbide power devices, the development of high-performance packaging technology is the key. In this paper, the latest development and applicatio ...
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Provide high precision and low loss ultrasonic measurement solutions for "smart heating"

2024-02 Sensors Texas Instruments
[feb 2 2024] In the intelligent heating system, the accurate measurement of the flow of heat transfer is crucial, which directly affects the efficiency of energy distribution and the economy of the heating system. The traditional flow measurement technology is faced with many challenges in the high temperature environment, such as the measurement accuracy is greatly affected by temperature, the system energy ...
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Development of a wearable multi-modal biomicrofluidic chip for tracking exercise metabolism

2024-02 Connectors Analog Devices
[feb 1 2024] In recent years, sports and health have become a hot topic in modern society. In order to better understand and monitor an individual's exercise status and its impact on the body, scientists have begun to work on developing a wearable multi-modal biomicrofluidic chip for tracking exercise metabolism. Wearable multi-mode biomicrofluidic chip is an innovative product that combines sensor technology ...
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Magnetic tactile sensor for robot object recognition and slide detection

2024-02 Sensors ON Semiconductor
[feb 1 2024] Magnetic tactile sensor is an important sensor for robot object recognition and slide detection. By using highly sensitive magnetically sensitive materials, it is able to sense magnetic field changes in the surrounding environment and convert these changes into electrical signals. Such sensors play a key role in robotics. A magnetic tactile sensor consists of a plurality of magnetic sensors, each ...
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A key tactile sensor for humanoid robots

2024-01 Sensors Microsemi
[gen 31 2024] The key haptic sensor technology for humanoid robots has developed rapidly in recent years. These sensors play an important role in the physical interaction of robots with the external environment, especially in tasks involving contact or close cooperation with humans. The goal of critical touch sensors is to simulate the perception and feedback capabilities of the human tactile system, enabling ...
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The quantum age is coming: thin-film lithium niobate quantum chips

2024-01 Semiconductors ON Semiconductor
[gen 31 2024] The quantum age, this mysterious new era of science and technology, is coming quietly. In this new era, quantum technology will completely change the way we live and may even subvert our world view. Among the many quantum technologies, the emergence of thin film lithium niobate quantum chips is undoubtedly an important step toward the quantum era. Lithium niobate (LiNbO3) is an excellent nonlinea ...
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Challenges and opportunities of CMOS technology

2024-01 Power Conec
[gen 30 2024] CMOS (also known as complementary metal oxide semiconductors) is an integrated circuit technology used to build digital, analog, and mixed-signal integrated circuits. It consists of two metal oxide semiconductor transistors, PMOS (positive metal oxide semiconductor) and NMOS (negative metal oxide semiconductor). CMOS In an interesting context of changing technology and product needs, creative com ...
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Application of temperature and humidity transmitter in iot construction of smart granary

2024-01 Semiconductors Infineon Technologies
[gen 30 2024] Temperature and humidity transmitter has a wide range of applications in the construction of smart granary Internet of things. By installing the temperature and humidity transmitter, the temperature and humidity data in the granary can be monitored in real time, and the data can be transmitted to the cloud platform for analysis and processing. The following is a detailed introduction to the appli ...