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Double operational amplifier, double comparator

2023-03 Power Texas Instruments
[mar 23 2023] The LM613 consists of a dual operational amplifier, a dual comparator, and a programmable reference voltage in a 16-pin package. Op-amps are superior to most single-power op-amps by providing higher speeds and bandwidths as well as lower supply currents.The LM613 is a space-saving alternative to single-chip multi-chip solutions, providing a high level of integration without sacrificing performanc ...
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High power factor preconditioner

2023-03 Power Texas Instruments
[mar 23 2023] The UC3853 provides simple and high performance active power factor correction. Using the same control technology as the UC1854, the 8-pin device utilizes a simplified architecture and internal oscillator to minimize the number of external components. The UC3853 integrates a precision multiplier/square/divider circuit, voltage and current loop error amplifiers, and a precision voltage reference f ...
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Texas Instruments introduces adjustable three-pole voltage regulator

2023-03 Power Texas Instruments
[mar 23 2023] The TL317 is an adjustable three-pole voltage regulator capable of delivering 100 mA in the 1.25V to 32V output voltage range. It is very easy to use and only requires two external resistors to set the output voltage. The regulator provides complete overload protection and is only available in integrated circuits. Current limiting and thermal overload protection are included on the chip. All over ...
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High performance 3.3V serial link replicator

2023-03 Semiconductors ON Semiconductor
[mar 23 2023] The NB4N1158 is a high performance 3.3V serial link replicator packaged in 4.7mm x 9.7mm TSSOP-28, providing serial loop replication and serial loopback control capabilities commonly required in Fibre Channel, GbE, HDTV and SATA applications. Other popular applications include host bus adapters for routing between internal and external connectors, and hot swap links between redundant switch fabri ...
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Orthogonal modulator from 140 MHZ to 1000 MHZ

2023-03 Semiconductors Analog Devices
[mar 23 2023] The AD8345 is a silicon RFIC orthogonal modulator designed for use from 140 MHz to 1000 MHz. 16 pin TSSOP_EP package. Its performance is specified in the temperature range −40°C to +85°C. Its superior phase accuracy and amplitude balance enable high performance direct modulation of intermediate frequency carriers. The AD8345 accurately splits the external LO signal into two orthogonal components ...
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32-bit microcontroller based on Arm Cortex-M0 cpu

2023-03 Semiconductors Multi-Tech Systems Inc.
[mar 23 2023] Nuvoton's nummicro M032 family is a 32-bit microcontroller based on an Arm Cortex-M0 cpu with a 32-bit hardware multiplier/divider. They feature operating voltages of 1.8 V to 3.6 V, 5 V I/O tolerances, and up to 48/72 MHz in the range -40°C to +105°C. The M032 series provides a comprehensive solution for crystallotless USB applications requiring 1.8V interface connectivity, featuring enhanced fa ...
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Bel Power converters comply with various safety standards, including EN 50155 and IEC 62368-1

2023-03 Power Bel Power Solutions
[mar 22 2023] Bel Power's RFT series are high performance products designed for a variety of railway applications. These DC/DC converters feature 10w, 20w, and 30w single output voltages, wide input voltages from 14 VDC to 160 VDC and extended operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +105°C. Other product features include input undervoltage protection, output overvoltage, short circuit, overcurrent and overt ...
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There are a variety of actuator options to meet the various requirements of the detector

2023-03 Power E-Switch
[mar 22 2023] E-Switch's TD1250 series detector switches offer contact ratings from 1 mA/5 VDC to 50 mA/16 VDC with an electrical life expectancy of 300,000 cycles (5 VDC, 1 mA), 200,000 cycles (12 VDC, 50 mA) and 150,000 cycles (16 VDC, 50 mA). Mechanical life of at least 500,000 times, operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, providing IP67 class moisture and dust protection. The TD1250 series detector ...
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TE Connectivity AMP's vertical socket supports SAS and PCIe protocols

2023-03 Optoelectronics TE Connectivity
[mar 22 2023] TE Connectivity/AMP's expansion Mini Cool Edge I/O 85Ω X8 X16 Internal Cable Interconnect Vertical socket combo now includes SlimSAS, SlimSAS Low Profile (LP) and Mini Cool Edge I/O (MCIO) connector and cable assembly for SAS and PCIe Gen 4/Gen 5 servers and storage applications. By replacing PCB wiring and PCB connector interfaces with cable connections, these products can provide higher perform ...
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Tripp Lite is powered by Eaton's Safe-IT Anti-bacterial surge protector to provide power and charge for multiple devices while helping to prevent bacteria

2023-03 Connectors Tripp Lite
[mar 22 2023] Tripp Lite made from Eaton's Safe-IT Surge Protector features an antibacterial shell that helps fight the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew and mildew. They come in straight-in, bar and clamp designs, as well as spherical, circular and cube models. These offer surge protection of up to 2,100 joules and up to six USB charging ports to keep your devices powered up and your workspace organi ...
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TE is easy to use and flexible in design with automotive standard coaxial cable to meet a wide range of communication protocols

2023-03 Connectors TE Connectivity
[mar 22 2023] TE Connectivity's (TE) AMPSEAL 16 connector delivers analog signal and digital data transmission up to 6 GHz with MATE-AX coaxial terminals to reliably connect antennas, cameras, sensors and displays in heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles. Its easy-to-use, flexible design utilizes widely used automotive standard coaxial cable and supports a wide range of communication protocols, includi ...
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8 x 8 Multi-zone Time of Flight (ToF) ranging sensor

2023-03 Semiconductors STMicroelectronics
[mar 21 2023] The VL53L8CX from stmicroelectronics is an 8 x 8 multi-zone time-of-flight (ToF) ranging sensor that improves performance in ambient light and reduces power consumption. Based on stmicroelectronics' FlightSense technology, the sensor provides accurate ranging up to 400 cm and a 65° diagonal field of view (FoV). The VL53L8CX integrates a powerful new generation VCSEL and two advanced metasurface l ...